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About The Venue

Privately owned, permitted venue space in Laytonville, on 600+ acres with a huge fresh water reservoir!

Less than 15 minute drive from heart of Laytonville – so you can shop at local stores!

Carpooling encouraged as we have limited parking on site. $35 fee for on-site parking in advance, $50 day of. Help mitigate the carbon footprint of our event, and make this a fun road trip for you and your friends!

Address will ONLY be sent to ticket holders via email the week of the event to eliminate unwanted traffic at the door. We will NOT be selling tickets at the door. 

Amazing GA Camping Area!

Glamping Sites

Private Group Campgrounds

Car Camping

RV spots (no hookups yet..!)

Large general admission parking lot w/ shuttle service for your gear (walk in only).

The venue is fully in compliance with California COVID laws for outdoor events.

Absolutely no fires allowed on the property at any time.

Porta potties and hand washing stations will be sanitized regularly throughout the event and available for use at all times. 

We have been granted the esteemed privilege of using this very special property, we MUST leave no trace and respect the space as if it was our own. Swimming in reservoir is a privilege we have been granted for this event under the following conditions*:

NO foam in the reservoir

ONLY biodegradable sun screen allowed – no chemical sunscreen or products (this is the water used for the entire property, so we must keep it as clean as possible).

Use the Buddy system!

Do not litter!

Lifeguards will be on duty,
Swimming is only allowed while there is a lifeguard on duty, aka no swimming at night. Swimming in fresh water is not the same at the ocean! You are less buoyant and it is more difficult to float. Plastic inflatable float devices are encouraged!

*All guests will be required to sign a release of liability contract, and accountability agreement. 

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