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Community Support

We love supporting our local community! That is why we are donating 5% of all “Renascence” ticket sales to 3 fabulous local organizations! 

These Organizations include:

  1. “Simply of Service”
  2. “Homeless Garden Project”
  3. “Calling all Angels” 


“Simply of Service” (S.O.S) is an organization based in Watsonville, CA, dedicated to supporting and elevating underrepresented and neglected demographics from a point of scarcity and instability to a point of self-sufficiency through their development programs. S.O.S’s programs are designed to address the roots of problems such as homelessness, economic disparity due to racial inequality and aim to provide a platform to be used for individuals enrolled. They provide the tools and guidance to help establish a foundation of skills and materials that are necessary for attaining sustainability and self-actualization. Their support consists of aiding with material necessities that are essential to operating in today’s society such as helping with a cell phone, a physical location for address, storage and a facility to take courses as well as tend to sanitary needs. Their skills development courses range from cooking classes that focus on the benefits of proper nutrition and food budgeting, to wellness courses that focus on mental health and compassion, to providing training in certain trades and construction while giving opportunities to work in different locations. Other aspects of our programs include learning hands-on about agriculture, the importance of food sovereignty, the application of environmentally sustainable methods and models of infrastructure, knowledge and recognition of the surrounding local native land and ecosystems and offer a chance to practice in a community focused setting. One of S.O.S’s beliefs in assuring success in growth as individuals is to provide an environment that helps to amplify the voice of the individual, the true value of the individual and the purpose of the individual. 

“Homeless Garden Project”:

The Homeless Garden Project provides job training, transitional employment, and support services to people who are experiencing homelessness. Conjointly, we provide vibrant education and volunteer programming for the broader community. All of our activities and programming are integrated and share the space of our 3-acre organic farm, workshop, and related enterprises. Working hand in hand, our community of volunteers, interns, customers, and trainees form strong bonds through collaboration. 

This blended experience breaks down the profound sense of isolation felt by many people experiencing homelessness, while providing a platform for those who want to learn and take action. Moving as a diverse, symbiotic ecosystem, the Homeless Garden Project builds a path out of homelessness, betters our local food system, and connects people through community service and environmental stewardship. Together we work to create a stronger, more sustainable home for everyone in our community.

“Calling all Angels”

Helping a local community woman struggling with Multiple Sclerosis to get a life altering stem cell treatment. Here is her story!

“My name is Julissa, and I was diagnosed with MS 27 years ago. I am a devoted and loving mom of a 26 year old daughter. I’m a lifelong learner and proactively do everything I can to protect my health and contribute back to my family and friends.  I’m in need of adult stem treatments to sustain my health. Meeting my goal would provide me with a year’s worth of deployments from CA Stem Cell Treatment Center and this would be life changing. My primary motivation and inspiration to survive successfully is my daughter. I’m looking forward to hopefully becoming a grandma someday and would love to continue to enjoy family and friends for as long as possible.”

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