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Want to VOLUNTEER? Sign Up HERE!

Be an Integral Member of Our Renascence Community and Volunteer! Put in your hours to pay off your ticket! 

-Volunteers are required to work three 6 Hour Shifts over the course of the weekend. Volunteers must pay for a GA ticket, and will be refunded (minus payment processing fees) upon confirmation of shift completion. Your hours will be logged with your Volunteer Lead from check-in to check-out. Being Responsible, Timely, Having Integrity & Being Sober during your Shift is Required. Failure to arrive to your shifts on time/missing a shift/ not completing all of your shifts will lead to you not receiving your full ticket refund for this event. 

Being a Volunteer is FUN! Keep your smile on! Be a Shining Example of our Community!

  • Volunteer Positions are listed out on the form below!
  • Please enter the number from 1-3 of which positions you would prefer from most to least.

(We will do our best to put you in your priority volunteer position, although there is not guarantee)

  • Comment Box on the bottom of the link:

Please state your experience as a volunteer, including when and where you volunteered and your position. Were you available and present at all of your shifts? 


Check-in/ Greeters

Do you have high energy, love to talk to people, have clear communication and are a bright shiny human?! Then being a part of our greeter/check-in crew is for you! These first face-to-face interactions with our beloved festival goers set the tone for the weekend! Let’s kick it off to a fantastic start!


‘So Fresh & So Clean’ Team! Clean Freak?! Us too! It is a priority to keep our public spaces sanitized, cleaned and fluffed! Who doesn’t appreciate a nicely kept space, right?

Kitchen Crew

What’s cooking good lookin’? Want to lend a hand in the kitchen? Help our catering crew with meal distribution, set up & clean up in both the kitchen and the artist lounge space! Who knows? You might get some extra cookies!

Shuttle/Parking Crew

You don’t have to be a race-car driver to be a part of our Parking Crew! But we always do appreciate a safe & talented driver! Help lead our guests to their appropriate parking/camping spot and keep our parking lot safe & easy to navigate! To Shuttle, Ain’t Subtle. It is a valuable amenity to help our guests & their valuables get to their appropriate camping spots in our shuttle transport! We value helping our guests have an easy transition to and from the parking lot to their allotted camping spots. So if you enjoy being a safe and personable driver, this is the team for you! (If you are a closet comedian, this is your perfect audience! They will have to listen to your jokes!)

Trash Panda Crew

Come join our Trash Panda Crew and help keep Mother Earth looking fine! Have you worked with Green Teams or LNT Crews? Proper disposal of recycling & trash is important! But, you already know this, so let’s have fun while keeping it cute n’ clean. This position affords some opportunity to work post event shifts, and spend more time enjoying during all the action! Because who doesn’t love a Trash Panda!

Hydration Team

Keep it Hydrated Brah! Be a part of our Hydration Team & help bring water to the thirsty festival goers! There will be hydration stations around the property, needing to be filled throughout the duration of the event. Don’t be surprised if people be wondering where you got all that drip?

Build Team

In this role you will do a bunch of stuff that helps build the event and tear down. We will have many pre-event and post-event shifts for this position to allow you the opportunity to maximize your time spent enjoying the event! This is the only position which affords the opportunity to get all your shifts done in advance of the event!

Medical Team

Have experience in the medical field? Apply to be a part of our “Renascence Medic Team”, & keep our festival goers safe and taken care of. We do require experience in the field, so please comment below with your specific experience. We appreciate you!

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